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Making the Clean Fuel: Biodiesel Equipment List

You need the right equipment to turn animal fats or plant oils into biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used in homes, farms, and cars. Different sets of equipment are required depending on how much fuel you want to produce.

If a person wants to produce only a small amount of biodiesel, then a simple equipment set can be used. This equipment can be bought individually from retailers. A simpler way to obtain these things is through buying biodiesel kits from dealers. Many of these kits are available online.

Essentially, you will be doing a process of transesterification to turn animal fats and plant oils into biodiesel. For plant oils, you can use oils from rapeseed, corn, palm, peanut, sunflower, canola, or soybean.

A small amount of biodiesel can be made in a backyard or garage. Be very careful when making biodiesel at home. The chemicals you will use could be dangerous and even fatal.

Here are some tools you need to produce biodiesel at home:

A reactor vessel where the chemicals are mixed together

Funnels, graduated beakers and scales to accurately weigh the substances

A reactor vessel where the chemicals are mixed together

A stirrer

A reactor vessel where the chemicals are mixed together

A pH indicator for the catalyst, such as a litmus paper, a chemical indicator solution or a electronic pH indicator.

Water to wash the biodiesel after the transesterification process is completed

A dry, sealed storage container for the fuel. Steel tanks or drums should be used if large amounts are produced.

For larger quantities of biodiesel, a different set of equipment is used. Complete sets of this equipment can be easily purchased over the Internet. Some of these tools are as follows:

A mechanical mixer, which can use pumps or propellers to mix the substances.

Hydronic, electric or flame heat to heat the mixture.

A manual processor, which is a tank that heats and mixes the chemicals.

A mechanical mixer.

The Web is a great resource for anything related to biodiesel. Almost everything you need to produce and use the fuel is available on the Internet. You can find a lot of resources online, like instruction manuals. There are even personal guides and experts that can help you build your own biodiesel farm. The production of this renewable fuel is becoming a very profitable clean and green business.

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Sunflower Equipment Dealers

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