Metcal Oki

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This is a product assessment for Metcal Oki. Many shoppers don"t straightaway think of eBay when it comes to Metcal Oki, but in fact eBay is amongst the top three retailers in the nations marketplace. Be amazed with the items you will discover here at Agriculture Equipment.

Metcal OKI Soldering Iron Tip SMTC 118 for PLCC68
metcal oki soldering iron tip smtc 118 for plcc68
Metcal OKI Soldering Iron Tip SMTC 006 for SOIC 14
metcal oki soldering iron tip smtc 006 for soic 14
Metcal OKI Soldering Iron Tip SMTC 143 Square for QFP 100
metcal oki soldering iron tip smtc 143 square for qfp 100
Metcal OKI Soldering Iron Tip SMTC 114 Square for PLCC44
metcal oki soldering iron tip smtc 114 square for plcc44
OKi Single Output Solder System with SmartHeat
oki single output solder system with smartheat
new in package metcal oki sttc 107 soldering solder tip cartridge 1mm 700 series
OKI Metcal H P84 for HCT 900 Nozzle 324MM X 324MM 84PLCC NEW
oki metcal h p84 for hct 900 nozzle 324mm x 324mm 84plcc new
OKI METCAL PS H3 Soldering Pencil Handle
oki metcal ps h3 soldering pencil handle
Oki Metcal SMTC 862 087 STTC Series Soldering Cartridge Metcal MX
oki metcal smtc 862 087 sttc series soldering cartridge metcal mx
NEW OKI METCAL MFR 1110 SmartHeat Soldering Rework System+New Tips
new oki metcal mfr 1110 smartheat soldering rework system+new tips
OKI Metcal MFR HDS Desolder Hand Piece 8 Pin
oki metcal mfr hds desolder hand piece 8 pin
new sttc 136 oki metcal soldering tip
Lot of 2 NEW 1Oki STTC 1173P 1Metcal SMTC 501 Heater Desoldering Cartridge
lot of 2 new 1oki sttc 1173p 1metcal smtc 501 heater desoldering cartridge
Oki International Metcal PCT 100 11 Focus Preheater 115V
oki international metcal pct 100 11 focus preheater 115v
metcal oki scp drh610 replaceable tip cartridge lead free compatible
metcal oki sfp drh05 replaceable tip cartridge lead free compatible
Metcal OKI SCP CNB05 SCP Series 016inx6in Ceramic Bent Conical Cartridge
metcal oki scp cnb05 scp series 016inx6in ceramic bent conical cartridge
Oki Metcal H S16 rework hot air soldering nozzle
oki metcal h s16 rework hot air soldering nozzle
Oki Metcal Mfr Hdca Desolder Coil Assembly
oki metcal mfr hdca desolder coil assembly
Metcal VX501A 2 OKI Solder Rework Fume Exhaust Extraction System Unit
metcal vx501a 2 oki solder rework fume exhaust extraction system unit
Oki Metcal SMTC 162 087 STTC Series Soldering Cartridge Metcal MX
oki metcal smtc 162 087 sttc series soldering cartridge metcal mx
OKI Metcal Smartheat Soldering De Soldering System MFR PS2K Main Unit
oki metcal smartheat soldering de soldering system mfr ps2k main unit
Metcal OKI N Q14 Chip Removal Nozzle QFP 52 80 NQ14
metcal oki n q14 chip removal nozzle qfp 52 80 nq14
Metcal OKI N SL20 Chip Removal SOL20 Hot Air Nozzle NSL20
metcal oki n sl20 chip removal sol20 hot air nozzle nsl20
Metcal OKI N Q1420 Chip Removal Nozzle NQ1420 for QFP 100 152 x 212 mm
metcal oki n q1420 chip removal nozzle nq1420 for qfp 100 152 x 212 mm
Metcal OKI N P32 Chip Solder Removal Nozzle NP32 For PLCC 32
metcal oki n p32 chip solder removal nozzle np32 for plcc 32
NEW WHOLESALE OKI Metcal Smartheat STC 044 Replacement Tip Soldering Cartridge
new wholesale oki metcal smartheat stc 044 replacement tip soldering cartridge
OKI Metcal HCT 900 1 soldering desoldering hot air Hand Held Convection 115v
oki metcal hct 900 1 soldering desoldering hot air hand held convection 115v

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Metcal Oki

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Metcal and OKi Soldering Applications

PR Newswire National Summary, Tuesday, Sept. 4, Midnight to 10 A.M. EDT.

Following is a summary of news releases transmitted this morning by
PR Newswire. The full text of these releases is available at the

 Press Room,


ATTUFNS1 09/04/2001 05:20 r l bc-GA-Waffle-House-week

(ATLANTA) What a Waffle-Full World; National Waffle Week

Celebrates One of America's Favorite Breakfast Foods

MNTUFNS1 09/04/2001 05:20 r l bc-WI-Aprilaire-Tech-Hom

(MADISON) Home Automation is Getting More Simple and Affordable

NYTUFNS1 09/04/2001 05:20 r l bc-NY-CA-One-Services

(BUFFALO) Down Time at Airports Translates into Prime Time for



022 09/04/2001 00:01 r f bc-CO-JDEC-VITR-Partner

(SUNNYVALE) Vitria Named J.D. Edwards Product Alliances Partner

HSTU021 09/04/2001 01:00 r f bc-IL-Motorola-Materials

(SCHAUMBURG) Motorola Creates Revolutionary Semiconductor Materials

NETU012 09/04/2001 01:00 r f bc-WA-ZymoGenetics

(SEATTLE) ZymoGenetics and Serono to Collaborate on a Novel

Therapeutic Approach For Autoimmune Disease

DATU034 09/04/2001 02:00 r f bc-OK-Devon-Anderson

(OKLAHOMA CITY) Devon Energy to Acquire Anderson Exploration and

North America's Largest Independent Producer of Oil and
Natural Gas

DATU059 09/04/2001 02:00 r f bc-CA-Broadcom-Altima

(TAIWAN) New Single-Chip Solution From Broadcom's Altima

Subsidiary Accelerates Deployment of Gigabit

HSTU011 09/04/2001 02:00 r f bc-CO-Liberty-Media-acq

(ENGLEWOOD) Liberty Media Corporation Signs Definitive

Agreements with Deutsche Telekom AG


SFTU Southern Farmers Tenant Union
002 09/04/2001 03:00 r a bc-CA-VSP-Vision-Day


 Launches Children's Vision Awareness Day

LATU018 09/04/2001 03:01 r f bc-CA-BPLS-Class-Certif

(LOS ANGELES) Bank Plus Corporation Announces Denial Of Class

Certification In Purported Securities Class Action


LNTU001 09/04/2001 03:54 r f bc-UBM-US-stats-July2001

(LONDON) United Business Media US High Tech Publishing Statistics

LATU031 09/04/2001 04:00 r f bc-ARM-Aplix-Jazelle

(CAMBRIDGE) Aplix Becomes First Licensee of ARM Jazelle

Technology Software in Japan

DATU032 09/04/2001 04:01 r f bc-CRH-earnings

(DUBLIN) CRH plc Announces 2001 Interim Results

 island: see Aleutian Islands.
006 09/04/2001 04:59 r f bc-GA-Delta-TechOps

(GLASGOW) Delta's Technical Operations Division Returns to

 Europe With

Expanded Customer List and Successful Strategic Partnership

HSTU006 09/04/2001 05:00 r f bc-TX-Lakehead-Pipe-NYSE

(HOUSTON) Lakehead President Will Open

 Trading on September 5

LATU048 09/04/2001 05:00 r f bc-NV-IGCA-New-CFO

(LAS VEGAS) Innovative Gaming Announces Laus M. Abdo as Company

Financial Officer

SFTU076 09/04/2001 05:00 r f bc-CA-Terayon-CableLabs


) CableLabs Selects S-CDMA and A-TDMA for Inclusion in


 2.0 Cable Modem Draft Specification

DATU037 09/04/2001 05:02 r f bc-WA-Expedia-SNCF

(BELLEVUE) Expedia, Inc. Partners With

SNCF Sans Nous les Cafés Ferment  
 to Create French

Online Travel Joint Venture

NETU016 09/04/2001 05:20 r l bc-NH-Another-Bite

(PETERBOROUGH) All-American Eating:

 Picnics and Apple Pie

LNTU002 09/04/2001 05:29 r f bc-Bidco-iBAAN-Africa

(LONDON) Bidco Goes Live with First iBAAN Implementation in


LARSTR1 09/04/2001 05:31 r f bc-MD-AgencyRoster-WPR

(BALTIMORE) Warschawski Public Relations Announces Acquisition

of Newest Client, Wartsila North America

LNTU003 09/04/2001 05:56 r f bc-Suez-enters-Stoxx-50

 or  in Greek mythology, son of Priam and Hecuba and brother of Hector. Because it was prophesied that he would cause the destruction of Troy, Paris was abandoned on Mt.
) Suez Enters the Stoxx 50

CGTU003 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-MO-Sprint-portfolio

(KANSAS CITY) Sprint Expands Hosted Applications Portfolio to

Include Microsoft Products

LATU015 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-MA-Motorola-MCP8241

(BOSTON) Motorola Extends Integrated Host Processor Family With

Higher Performance and Smaller Footprint Solutions

LATU017 09/04/2001 06:00 r n bc-NY-Style@Work-Dockers

New York City
 see New York, city.

New York City

City (pop., 2000: 8,008,278), southeastern New York, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The largest city in the U.S.
 Gets a Makeover

SFTU011 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-Cosmeceutical-Mar

(FOSTER CITY) Anti-Aging

A cosmetic that has or is purported to have medicinal properties.
 Market to Reach $2 billion
by 2005

SFTU036 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-WA-Internap-SiteROCK

(SEATTLE) SiteROCK and Internap Sign Co-Marketing Agreement

SFTU042 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-BEA-in-Demark

 Udvikling Selects BEA Platform to Provide the

E-Banking Solution For More Than 80 Banks in Denmark

SFTU043 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-Sunrise-LTK

(FREMONT) Sunrise Reports First

LTK Language Toolkit
LTK Lisp Tool Kit
LTK Language Tool Kit
 Surgeries Performed in Sweden

SFTU063 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-CA-BEA-COO-Speaks

(SAN JOSE) BEA Founder, President and COO Alfred Chuang to Speak at

Cowen Fall Technology Conference on September 6, 2001

VA250 09/04/2001 06:00 r f bc-Stressgen-HspE7-data

(FLORIANOPOLIS) Stressgen presents positive HspE7 data that 71% of

high grade anal dysplasia patients treated may avoid surgery

DATU018 09/04/2001 06:01 r f bc-CA-GeneData-diaDexus

(DALY CITY) GeneData and diaDexus Collaborate on the Discovery of

Disease Markers Through Functional Genomics Data Analysis

FLTU002 09/04/2001 06:01 r f bc-NY-Icy-Splash-revenue

(NEW YORK) Icy Splash Exceeding Revenue and Profitability

HSTU026 09/04/2001 06:01 r f bc-VA-MirCorp-Agreement

(ALEXANDRIA) MirCorp Reaches Agreement for Development of the

World's First Private Space Station

LATU007 09/04/2001 06:01 r l bc-NY-Brett-Banfe-Speaks

(NEW YORK) Brett Banfe Will Speak His First Words After One Year

of Silence At Planet Hollywood Times Square

LATU039 09/04/2001 06:01 r f bc-CA-Zynx-New-Customers

(BEVERLY HILLS) Zynx Health Wins New Customers and Satisfies

Current Customers With Evidence-Based Medicine Results

LATU054 09/04/2001 06:01 r f bc-ID-Aqua-Vie-Ralphs

(KETCHUM) Aqua Vie to Ship Product to Ralphs as Northern

California Begins In-Store Sampling

SFTU033 09/04/2001 06:01 r f bc-CA-KC-Tech

(MILPITAS) KC Technology's IRXpress IrDA-USB Controller

Functionality Of ThinkPad X Series Notebooks

LATU032 09/04/2001 06:12 r f bc-CA-BayLogics-User-Grp

(SAN DIEGO) BayLogics Announces Regional User Groups

LATU013 09/04/2001 06:30 r f bc-CA-L90-Lions-Gate

(LOS ANGELES) Lions Gate Films Chooses L90's Digital Marketing

Solutions to Help Promote New Film 'O' on the Internet

NETU018 09/04/2001 06:30 r f bc-NH-Presstek-Trdshow

(HUDSON) Presstek Poised to Meet Demand for DI &
 (cytidine triphosphate): see cytosine.

(1) (Computer-To-Plate) The production of printing plates directly from the computer without requiring film as an intermediate step.

SFTU057 09/04/2001 06:30 r f bc-WA-Lumera-elects

(BOTHELL) Lumera Corporation Names Optical Components Veteran as



NYTU066 09/04/2001 06:40 r f bc-MA-Brigham-Womens

(BOSTON) Study Demonstrates Blood Pressure Medication Irbesartan

Against The Progression of Kidney Disease

LNTU005 09/04/2001 06:43 r f bc-Lipid-Bureau-Statin

(STOCKHOLM) International Lipid Information Bureau Stands Behind


Any of a class of drugs that inhibit a key enzyme involved in the synthesis of cholesterol and promote receptor binding of LDL cholesterol, resulting in decreased levels of serum cholesterol.


SFTU028 09/04/2001 06:48 r f bc-WA-PowerTech-Plug-in

(KENT) PowerTech Group Delivers the First Operations Navigator

Plug-in for iSeries And AS/400 Network Security

LATU046 09/04/2001 06:55 r f bc-CO-FL-Equitex-Signs

(ENGLEWOOD) Equitex Subsidiary Signs Marketing Alliances

DATU051 09/04/2001 06:59 r f bc-NC-Goodrich-spin-off

(CHARLOTTE) Goodrich to Spin Off Engineered Industrial Products

DETU001 09/04/2001 06:59 r f bc-MI-Visteon-Mercedes

(STUTTGART) Visteon Secures Global Business With Mercedes-Benz


CGTU008 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-IL-ACCO-Swingline

(LINCOLNSHIRE) We're Swingline(R) * We're Online * *

DATU001 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-CO-Petrie-Parkman

(DENVER) State of Alaska Selects Petrie Parkman & Co. as

for North Slope Natural Gas Pipeline Project

LATU016 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-CO-Qwest-Contract

(DENVER) Qwest Communications Awarded $108 Million Contract To

Provide Communications Services to interXchange Limited

LATU040 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-CA-East-West-Bancorp

(SAN MARINO) East West Bancorp and 99 Ranch Market Announce

First Asian-American Supermarket Banking Partnership

NYTU076 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-MA-Switchboard-Advert

(WESTBORO) Switchboard 'Electrifies' Online Directories

Launch of Major Television Advertising Campaign

PHTU002 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-NJ-INRANGE-transfer

(LUMBERTON) INRANGE Completes Transfer of 7-VIEW Surveillance
System to

TTI Telecom in Move Towards `Pure Play' Storage Networking
Business Model

SFTU010 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-CA-TIBCO-Software

(PALO ALTO) TIBCO Software Appoints New Head of Asia Pacific and

SFTU055 09/04/2001 07:00 r v bc-IL-WA-MSFT-center

(DENVER) Microsoft to Host Media-Only Preview of New

Microsoft Technology Center In Chicago

SFTU067 09/04/2001 07:00 r f bc-CA-LookSmart-extends

(SAN FRANCISCO) LookSmart Extends Distribution of LookListings
Through Ask

Jeeves, Increasing Volume of Qualified Leads for Direct Marketers

DATU019 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-MaxBill-Vocalis-sys

(LONDON) MaxBill Goes Live at Vocalis Telecom's Pan-European

Telecommunications Operation


DCTU Damage Control Training Unit
001 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-TX-Stewart&Stevenson

(HOUSTON) Stewart & Stevenson Delivers the Only Trailers Made

Specifically For the Army's
Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles


HSTU001 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-IL-ISSA-Updates-News


 Updates Its Legislative and Regulatory Newsletter

LATU014 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-CO-WGR-Gas-Sales

Western Gas Resources

, Inc. Announces Commencement of Gas

Sales From Big George Coal and Update of Other

CBM Cubic Meter

LATU028 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-CO-Heska-Conf.-Sept-5

(FORT COLLINS) Heska to Present at Wells Fargo Van Kasper

Investor Conference, September 5, 2001

LNTU004 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-Top-Image-Systems

(TEL AVIV) Top Image Systems Expands Market Opportunities in the

Sector with the Merger of Its E-Mobilis Subsidiary into TiS

NETU013 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-MA-NSYNC-new-CD-rom


NSYNC Negative Synchronization
 Fans Now Can Get "Personal" With the
Boys Thanks to

Infogrames' Hotly Anticipated *NSYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone and

NYTU059 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-WA-Gates-Global-Award

(SEATTLE) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Calls for Nominations

for the Gates Award for Global Health

SFTU007 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-CA-Dried-Plum-Board

(SAN FRANCISCO) Dried Plums Take Flight: Reinvention Works!

SFTU047 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-CA-eDevice-Is-Best

(SANTA CLARA) eDevice Takes Best of Show Honors at Embedded


SFTU077 09/04/2001 07:01 r f bc-CA-Blue-Martini-Port

(SAN MATEO) Portuguese Grocery Store Chain Implements Blue Martini

Applications to Extend Its Business Online

DATU017 09/04/2001 07:02 r f bc-Speednames-Gallup

(COPENHAGEN) Speednames/Gallup Survey: 78% of Top Companies Have

Applied for New Top- Level Domains .info and .biz

DATU045 09/04/2001 07:02 r f bc-CA-SBS-Technologies

(ALBUQUERQUE) SBS Technologies to Present at the SG Cowen

Securities Twenty-Sixth Annual Fall Technology Conference

HSTU016 09/04/2001 07:02 r a bc-FL-Rael-Requests-Pay


1 City (1990 pop. 358,548), seat of Dade co., SE Fla., on Biscayne Bay at the mouth of the Miami River; inc. 1896.
) Rael Requests Countries That Have Benefited from Slavery

Pay Damages to the Victims' Descendants

HSTU027 09/04/2001 07:02 r f bc-VA-TV-web-Xstream

(CHANTILLY) to Webcast National Association of

Broadcasters (NAB) Xstream Show with International Webcasting

LATU052 09/04/2001 07:02 r f bc-CA-GenesisIntermedia

(LOS ANGELES) GenesisIntermedia, Inc. Issues Letter to Shareholders

DATU047 09/04/2001 07:03 r f bc-CA-Solid-Info-Tech

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Solid Scores Big With Over 200 Global Design Wins

and One Million Licenses In Production

DCTU004 09/04/2001 07:03 r w bc-DC-Spec-Olympics-CAO

(WASHINGTON) Special Olympics, Inc. Announces New Senior Staff

DATU066 09/04/2001 07:05 r w bc-DC-ConnectLive-Comm

(WASHINGTON) U.S. Secretary of Education Delivers the Annual Back

School Address; Live Video Webcast Today at 1:00pm Eastern Time

HSTU028 09/04/2001 07:16 r f bc-NC-Goodrich-CCall

(CHARLOTTE) Goodrich Announces Conference Call for Spin-Off of

Engineered Industrial Products

NYTU083 09/04/2001 07:22 r f bc-RDWR-Opens-Office

(SEOUL) Radware Opens an Office in Seoul Korea

DATU027 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-MN-Active-IQ-Acquires

(MINNEAPOLIS) Active IQ Technologies to Acquire Champion Business

DATU040 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-CA-Matrix-call-FDA

(FREMONT) Matrix to Host Conference Call on FDA Advisory Committee

DATU046 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-CA-Providian-Fncl-ern

(SAN FRANCISCO) Providian Financial Revises Earnings Guidance

LNTU006 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-TX-Acceloop-accelerat

(GRAPEVINE) Acceloop Launches Web Server Accelerator -

Accelerating Transfer Rate Up to 700%

NETU002 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-MA-AltaRex-clin-trial

(WALTHAM) AltaRex Completes Pivotal OvaRex(R) Clinical

Trial for Primary Analysis

SFTU017 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-CA-AskJves-2-New-VPs

(EMERYVILLE) Ask Jeeves Web Properties Names Former Excite

Senior Vice President Of Sales

SFTU075 09/04/2001 07:30 r f bc-CA-Extreme-outline

(SANTA CLARA) Extreme Networks Delivers the Most Effective

Applications Infrastructure


006 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-NC-BankAmerFound-per

Bank of America

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
 Foundation Names Jefferson

Morgan Executive Director

DCTU005 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-MS-WorldCom-Toyota

(CLINTON) Toyota Reaches Data Network Milestone, Connects

1,000 Locations With WorldCom IP


HSTU008 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-CA-MAYAN-VITAL

(SAN JOSE) MAYAN Networks Acquires VITAL Network Services

Business From General DataComm Industries, Inc.

HSTU015 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-NC-OH-Goodrich-Dana

(CHARLOTTE) Goodrich Completes Acquisition of Dana's Global

Industrial Polymer Bearings Business

HSTU017 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-IL-Northfield-BLA

(EVANSTON) Northfield Discusses Strength of Data and FDA

LNTU007 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-ESI-Optimization


 Announces a New Contact Center Workforce


SFTU035 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-CA-Emuzed-three-prod

(FREMONT) Emuzed Announces Three New Products

SFTU072 09/04/2001 07:31 r f bc-Pharmacyclics-results

(STOCKHOLM) Pharmacyclics Announces Interim Phase I Study Results

Antrin Photoangioplasty for
Coronary Artery Disease
 condition that results when the coronary arteries are narrowed or occluded, most commonly by atherosclerotic deposits of fibrous and fatty tissue.

DATU030 09/04/2001 07:34 r f bc-NJ-Johnson&Johnson

(STOCKHOLM) 'Zero' Restenosis in 'RAVEL'
Landmark European

Multi-Center Clinical Trial Of

(TM) Sirolimus-eluting Stent

LATU008 09/04/2001 07:35 r f bc-NJ-DSCI-Soft-Wash


See dermis.


the corium, or true skin.
 Sciences Awarded Exclusive Sales and Distribution

Rights For Soft Wash(TM) Body Cleansing Sponge Line

CHTU007 09/04/2001 07:40 r f bc-NC-FirstU-Wachovia

(CHARLOTTE) First Union and Wachovia Complete Merger to Become the


DATU031 09/04/2001 07:45 r f bc-CA-Sanmina-4Q-update

(SAN JOSE) Sanmina Updates Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year Outlook

LATU004 09/04/2001 07:45 r f bc-CA-ICPDAS-LA-Branch


 DAS Launches US Operation to Sell Data

and Communication Products With Wireless and Web Capabilities

LATU035 09/04/2001 07:45 r f bc-UT-Verticore-Rohm

Rohm and Haas

 Texas Incorporated to Implement

Verticore Productivity Solution at Texas Plant

SFTU022 09/04/2001 07:45 r f bc-CA-Everdream-Special

(FREMONT) Special Olympics Texas Implements Everdream Outsourced IT


NYTU086 09/04/2001 07:47 r f bc-Deutsche-Telekom-con

(BONN) Deutsche Telekom AG Completes Sale of Further Six Cable
Regions to

Liberty Media; Liberty Media Also Acquires Deteks and Mediaservices

SFTU021 09/04/2001 07:50 r f bc-CA-Gracenote-Release

(BERKELEY) Gracenote Introduces Flexible Music Recognition

Solutions to the Consumer Electronics Industry

NYTU074 09/04/2001 07:54 r f bc-CA-SurroMed-Becker

(MOUNTAIN VIEW) Christopher Becker, Ph.D. Joins SurroMed As

Director of Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry

DATU004 09/04/2001 07:55 r f bc-CA-Frost-Sllvn-mrkts

(SAN JOSE) Price and Performance Drive System-on-Chip

Markets, Says Frost & Sullivan

NYTU061 09/04/2001 07:55 r f bc-NY-P&G-UNICEF-Reunite

(NEW YORK) Procter & Gamble and The U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Reunite to 'Clean Up for Kids!'

DATU002 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-TX-Frost-Sullivan

(SAN ANTONIO) Innovative Networking and Interoperability Increase

Building Systems Efficiency, Drive Sales, Says Frost & Sullivan

DATU003 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-CA-Frost-Sllvn-summit

(SAN JOSE) Executive Summit Draws Nation's Leading Market

DATU005 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-OK-Esker-Pulse-Enterp

(STILLWATER) Esker Drives Content Delivery Costs Down With

Distributed Architecture Of Pulse Enterprise and Pulse Satellite

DATU007 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-NY-Tech-Insights-sens

(NEW YORK) Automation Markets Provide Opportunities for Motion

Control Sensors, Says Technical Insights

DATU014 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-CA-Frost-Sllvn-telecm

(SAN JOSE) Mobility Must Reach Mainstream for Wireless LAN Market

HSASP2 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-Asia-Pulse-News

(SYDNEY) Asian Markets -- Shares Close Higher _ Sept. 4

LATU033 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-CO-Benchmark-Tape-80

(BOULDER) Benchmark ValuSmart Tape 80 Integrated Into Data

Portfolio From HP

NYTU080 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-NY-Gemini-broadband

(NEW YORK) Gemini Voice Solutions Distributes New Broadband

Voice Software and Applications

NYTU082 09/04/2001 07:56 r f bc-XL-Capital-debentures

(HAMILTON) XL Capital Announces Plans to Issue Zero-Coupon

Convertible Debentures And Place Long-Term Debt

DATU020 09/04/2001 07:57 r f bc-MA-CIO-Magazine-poll

 see American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

(Chief Information Officer) The executive officer in charge of information processing in an organization.
 Magazine Tech Poll(TM) Reports Spending

Recovery for Third Consecutive Month

DATU028 09/04/2001 07:57 r f bc-CA-Project-Technology

(BOSTON) Project Technology Brings Model Driven Architecture to

the Real-Time And Embedded Market

ATTU003 09/04/2001 07:58 r f bc-GA-Friedman's-Inc-div

(SAVANNAH) Friedman's Inc. Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

HSTU018 09/04/2001 07:58 r f bc-CO-CriticalReachSuite

(WESTMINSTER) Critical Reach Helps Manufacturers Solve Field

Service and Equipment Problems Faster

NYTU068 09/04/2001 07:58 r f bc-NJ-SRI-Protein-Kinase

(NEWARK) Protein Kinase-based Therapeutics the Focus of New

Conference To be Held in Newark, NJ, October 15-16, 2001

FLTU001 09/04/2001 07:59 r f bc-FL-Wackenhut-Austalia

(PALM BEACH GARDENS) Wackenhut Corrections' Australian
Subsidiary in

Negotiations to Develop Three New Immigration Detention Centres

HSTU004 09/04/2001 07:59 r f bc-GA-Friedman's-new-CEO

(SAVANNAH) Friedman's Inc. Announces Management Addition

DATU009 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-TX-Texas-Instr-DSPs

(HOUSTON) New TI Programmable DSPs Deliver 12X More Performance for

Applications Ranging From Industrial Automation to Optical

LATU003 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-MA-Metrowerks-Ships

(BOSTON) Metrowerks to Ship New Release of CodeWarrior for the



LATU011 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-CO-STK-Strg-Wrld-Conf

(LOUISVILLE) Pat Martin to Share Insights at Storage World

NYTU054 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-NJ-Wall-Street-Journl

(PRINCETON) The Wall Street Journal Expands Online

Residential/Commercial Real Estate Coverage With

NYTU058 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-NY-Scientific-Games

(NEW YORK) Hoosier Lottery Awards Scientific Games Instant Ticket

SFTU004 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-CA-Mediaplex-Personif

(SAN FRANCISCO) Mediaplex(R) Inc. and
tr.v. per·son·i·fied, per·son·i·fy·ing, per·son·i·fies
1. To think of or represent (an inanimate object or abstraction) as having personality or the qualities, thoughts, or movements of a living being:
(R), Inc. Form

to Provide Targeted Marketing Solutions for e-Businesses

SFTU016 09/04/2001 08:00 r f bc-CA-Interwoven-SPEX

 Special Licensing Examination Medtalk An examination administered to ±1500 physicians/yr who seek relicensure and/or want to practice in a different state yrs after initial licensure
 Report Ranks
v. in·ter·wove , in·ter·wo·ven , inter·weav·ing, inter·weaves
1. To weave together.

2. To blend together; intermix.

 Top Choice for Content

CGTU015 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-IL-Clarke/Bardes

(BARRINGTON) Clark/Bardes Consulting Announces Purchase of

Lyons Compensation & Benefits

DATU015 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-TX-TippingPoint-Tech

(AUSTIN) TippingPoint Technologies to Provide First

Programmable Network Platform

LATU023 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-Quest-Software

(IRVINE) Quest Software Releases Benchmark Factory(R) 3.0 to

Load Testing And Capacity Planning for Critical Systems

LATU025 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-MA-MOT-CodeWarrior

(BOSTON) PowerPC Development Tools Designed for Productivity Gains;

Metrowerks Releases Next Generation CodeWarrior for PowerPC

LATU026 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-AZ-MOBE-Award-Patent

(SCOTTSDALE) Mobility Electronics Awarded Two Connector Patents

NETU001 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-MA-Netegrity-Tech2001

(WALTHAM) Netegrity to Present at Salomon Smith Barney

Tech2001 Industry Conference

NETU004 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-MA-Netegrity-PepleSft

(WALTHAM) Netegrity and PeopleSoft Partner to Enable Secure,

Management of

 Applications for Enterprise Collaboration

NETU010 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-MA-Sophos-viruses

(WAKEFIELD) Top Ten Viruses Reported to Sophos in August 2001

NYTU077 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-MA-Hybridon-cancer

(CAMBRIDGE) NCI/NIA Scientists Report Results of Hybridon's

GEM(R)231 in Prostate Cancer Model Using
 see nucleic acid.

 or deoxyribonucleic acid

One of two types of nucleic acid (the other is RNA); a complex organic compound found in all living cells and many viruses. It is the chemical substance of genes.

SFTU030 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-Nat'l-Semi-DECT

(SANTA CLARA) Siemens Selects National Semiconductor's Single


 Baseband IC for Its New


SFTU034 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-WA-Carpoint-#1-site

(REDMOND) Extends Its Lead as the No. 1 Online

Car Buying And Ownership Site

SFTU046 09/04/2001 08:01 r f bc-CA-Roxio-CD-Creator-5

(MILPITAS) Roxio Announces '10-Packs' of
Easy CD Creator

 5 Platinum

CHTU003 09/04/2001 08:02 r n bc-NC-New-South-Museum

(CHARLOTTE) Museum of the New South Reflects 'Experience

Economy' for Travel and Tourism

DATU012 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-TX-PalWeb-results

(DALLAS) PalWeb Corporation Announces Year End Financial Results

LATU006 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-CO-US-Medical-TomTec

(DENVER) U.S. Medical, Inc. Announces New Strategic Partnership

TomTec Imaging Systems Corp. of Munich, Germany

LATU019 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-AZ-UTRG-UPDATE

(PHOENIX) Shareholder Update From Robert Palmer, CEO Uptown

Restaurant Group, Inc.

LATU050 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-WA-Onyx-Sftw-IBM-Glbl

(BELLEVUE) Onyx Software Adds Strength of
IBM Global Services


NYTU062 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-CT-Eastbridge-reports

(AVON) New Eastbridge Report Examines Web-based Marketing and

Sales of Worksite Products

SFTU071 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-CA-LSI-Logic-AMI

 see integrated circuit.

(Large Scale Integration) Between 3,000 and 100,000 transistors on a chip. See SSI, MSI, VLSI and ULSI.
 Logic Completes Acquisition of AMI's Raid

Business, Engineering Teams And Technology

TO233 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-Certicom-security

(HAYWARD) Wireless Innovators Turn to Certicom for Security

TO236 09/04/2001 08:02 r f bc-Celestica-Lucent-agrm

(TORONTO) Celestica commences strategic manufacturing relationship


DATU008 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-CA-Frost-Sullivan-awd

(SAN JOSE) Metcal Receives Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering


DATU023 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-TX-OK-Preferred-Voice

(DALLAS) Pioneer/Enid Cellular Launches Preferred Voice's

Dialing Services to All Subscribers

DATU062 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-TX-La-Quinta-dividend

(DALLAS) La Quinta Declares Dividend on 9.00% Preferred

LATU020 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-CA-THCH-Appoints-Exec

(NEWPORT BEACH) Thehealthchannel Group Appoints Gwenivere

Snyder to Its Executive Team

NETU006 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-MA-Stratus-program

(MAYNARD) Stratus Launches New Channels Program For

Fault-Tolerant Server Family

NETU007 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-MA-Stratus-ftServer

(MAYNARD) New Stratus ftServer 3200 System Lowers Price, Broadens

Applications for Continuously Available Windows 2000 Computing

NETU009 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-MA-Orbital-&-Atofina

(FRAMINGHAM) Orbital and Atofina First to Deploy Bilingual

Knowledge Sharing Solution for Petrochemical Market

NYTU071 09/04/2001 08:03 r v bc-Deloitte-Touche

(NEW YORK) Deloitte & Touche Announces the 50 Fastest Growing

Technology Companies In New York

NYTU085 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-NJ-AT&T-Broadens-VoIP

(BASKING RIDGE) AT&T Broadens Voice Over IP Portfolio for


SFTU014 09/04/2001 08:03 r f bc-CA-FileMaker-Pro-5.5

(SANTA CLARA) FileMaker Pro 5.5 Now Supports Citrix(R) MetaFrame(R)

1.8 & Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000 Terminal Services

CGTU006 09/04/2001 08:04 r f

(BURLINGTON) Named to Forbes Magazine's
'Best of

the Web: B2B' List For Second Straight Year

CHTU001 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-NC-BestPractice-Study

(CHAPEL HILL) Call Center Excellence Crucial to Customer

FLTU009 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-FL-Miami-Airport

(MIAMI) Miami International Airport's Fourth Runway
Construction in High


LATU002 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-CSG-Int'l-Names-Burch


 International, Limited Appoints Gary Burch as European

Managing Director

LATU010 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-CA-FDNX-Fast-50

(SAN DIEGO) 4-D Neuroimaging Named One of Orange County/San Diego

Fastest Growing Technology Companies

LATU027 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-MA-Metrowerks-StarCor

(BOSTON) Metrowerks Enhances the Industry's Leading StarCore

Tool Suite With New High-Performance, Host-Target Interface

NYTU065 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-OH-ColumbusCCOP-study

(COLUMBUS) Study Shows Docetaxel Combined With Gemcitabine Is

Active in

The term used to describe a secondary cancer, or one that has spread from one area of the body to another.

Mentioned in: Coagulation Disorders


pertaining to or of the nature of a metastasis.
 Breast Cancer

PHM001 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-MA-Brigham-Women-Hosp

(BOSTON) New Data Involving Nearly 20,000 Patients Confirms The

Safety and Tolerability Profile of
 /prav·a·stat·in/ () an antihyperlipidemic agent that acts by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis, used as the sodium salt in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and other forms of dyslipidemia and to lower the

PHTU004 09/04/2001 08:04 r a bc-IL-Natl-PTA-Website

(CHICAGO) Relevant Resources Are At Parents' and

Fingertips On National PTA's New Web Site

SFTU015 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-CA-Visa-Intl-internet

(SAN FRANCISCO) Visa Delivers on Its Promise to Make Internet

Shopping a Safer, More Secure Experience

SFTU029 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-CA-Seiko-Epson-Axiohm

(LONG BEACH) Seiko Epson and Axiohm Settle Patent Litigation With

Axiohm Agreement to Pay Licensing Royalties

SFTU052 09/04/2001 08:04 r f bc-CA-Entercept-Cisco

(SAN JOSE) Entercept Continues Momentum: Cisco OEM'S

Industry's Leading Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Solution

ATTU004 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-GA-e-Bode-free-engine

(ATLANTA) Dramatic Agent Reaction to e-Bode Systems Free


DATU024 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-CA-Amanda-GPS-U-track

(IRVINE) The Amanda Company Announces Joint Development of GPS

'U'Track Product For Automobile, Security, Insurance

DATU038 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-NJ-Lucent-Celestica

(MURRAY HILL) Lucent Technologies Closes Manufacturing

Agreement With Celestica Inc.

HSTU002 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-Platforms-appoints

(LOS ANGELES) Platforms Wireless Appoints New VP &


HSTU003 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-PA-Next-Step-Cingular

(PHILADELPHIA) Next Step Enterprises Announces Cingular Wireless as

a Corporate Sponsor Of National Diversity Week(TM)

HSTU013 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-GA-Cox-Radio-Regional

(ATLANTA) Cox Radio Adds New Regional Responsibilities to Managers

HSTU022 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-CA-Cicero-Pyramid

(BERKELEY) Cicero Technologies and Pyramid Consulting

Services Form Strategic Partnership

LATU043 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-MS-Triton-ATM-Options

(LONG BEACH) Triton, Popular Leasing U.S.A. Lend a Hand to

Businesses By Expanding ATM Lease Financing Options

LATU049 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-CA-CenDyne-Retail-Vsn

(BASKING RIDGE) CenDyne Inc. Attends Retail Vision; Announces

Plans for Q4 Retail Products

NYTU084 09/04/2001 08:05 r f bc-NJ-AT&T-new-product

(BASKING RIDGE) AT&T's E-Contact Portfolio Grows With
Web-Savvy Offers

CGTU001 09/04/2001 08:06 r a bc-IL-Endometrial-cancer

(CHICAGO) More Women Dying From Endometrial Cancer

HSTU025 09/04/2001 08:07 r f bc-NY-Greka-settles

(NEW YORK) Greka Concludes Colombia Transaction and Updates

on Material Legal Proceedings

HSTU032 09/04/2001 08:08 r f bc-NC-Goodrich-Conf-Call

(CHARLOTTE) Goodrich Invites You to Join Its Conference Call on the

Discussing the Spin-off of Engineered Industrial Products

LATU045 09/04/2001 08:08 r f bc-NJ-Genta-Orphan-Drug

(BERKELEY HEIGHTS) Genta Receives Orphan Drug Designation for

Three New Cancer Indications

LATU030 09/04/2001 08:09 r f bc-CA-Cardiff-Software

(SAN DIEGO) Cardiff's XML-Based LiquidOffice(TM) eForm

System Supports New Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Approval 5.0

ATTU001 09/04/2001 08:10 r f bc-AL-Accelerated-Tech

(MOBILE) Accelerated Technology Answers Aerospace and Avionics

Demands With FAA Certification of Nucleus RTOS


003 09/04/2001 08:10 r f bc-OH-Dana-sells

(TOLEDO) Dana Corporation Completes Sale of Industrial Polymer

Bearings Businesses to Goodrich

CGTU010 09/04/2001 08:11 r f bc-OH-FirstEnergy-Corp

FirstEnergy Corp. Subsidiary to Redeem First Mortgage Bonds

NYTU078 09/04/2001 08:13 r f bc-NJ-Ortho-McNeil-FDA

(RARITAN) New Treatment Option Approved for Lennox-Gastaut

Syndrome, One of Most Debilitating Forms of Epilepsy

LATU009 09/04/2001 08:15 r f bc-CA-RNBO-eCom-Acclatr

(IRVINE) Rainbow Debuts CryptoSwift

 200 High-Assurance

eCommerce Accelerator

SFTU031 09/04/2001 08:15 r f bc-CA-Oki-Pump-Lasers

(SUNNYVALE) Oki Semiconductor Releases New High-Power Pump Laser

Modules to Extend Range of Fiber Optic Systems

SFTU032 09/04/2001 08:15 r f bc-CA-Oki-Photo-Diode

(SUNNYVALE) Oki Semiconductor Delivers New 10 Gbps Photo Diode

Module Designed for High-Speed OC-192 Fiber Optic Networks

PHTU006 09/04/2001 08:17 r n bc-PA-UPMC-Lecture

(PITTSBURGH) Breast Cancer Specialist Andrew Seidman, M.D., to

Future Trends in Therapy at the Herbert E. Jacob Memorial Lecture

DCTU009 09/04/2001 08:19 r f bc-VA-Gen-Dyn-NNS-Offer

(FALLS CHURCH) General Dynamics Extends Tender Offer for All

Outstanding Shares Of Newport News Shipbuilding


NYSP New York Safety Program
003 09/04/2001 08:21 r f bc-S&P-GHLC-rating

(TOKYO) S&P Affirms 'AAA' Ratings on GHLC's
Structured Issuances

SFTU062 09/04/2001 08:22 r f bc-CA-Brocade-&-COMPAREX

(MUNICH) Leading

 Systems Integrator, COMPAREX, Joins Brocade

Partner Program to Deliver Brocade Products for Networking Storage

LNTU008 09/04/2001 08:24 r f bc-Evotec-OAI-Novartis

(HAMBURG) Evotec OAI and Novartis Sign Licence and Technology

Agreement for On-Bead Screening

NYTU081 09/04/2001 08:25 r f bc-CA-Lifepoint-presents

(ONTARIO) LifePoint Selected to Present at the Wells Fargo Van

Kasper Class of 2001 Conference

CGTU020 09/04/2001 08:28 r f bc-IL-Exelon-agreement

(WARRENVILLE) Exelon Nuclear to Further Standardize Fleet

Through New Agreement With Newberg-Perini/Stone & Webster

FLTU003 09/04/2001 08:29 r f bc-FL-Advanced-acquires

(MIAMI) Advanced Electronic Support Products, Inc. Acquires

Intelek spol. s.r.o.

ATTU005 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-GA-Firstwave-IBM

(ATLANTA) Firstwave and

 Partner to Provide CRM to Small and

Sized Businesses; New ASP Offering Through IBM Takes eCRM to New

CGTU009 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-KY-National-Processng

(LOUISVILLE) National Processing Company Named Acquirer of the Year

CGTU017 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-IN-Crossmann-dividend

(INDIANAPOLIS) Crossmann Declares Cash Dividend

CLTU001 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-OH-NCR-appts-CFO


 Appoints Earl Shanks Chief Financial Officer

DATU021 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-TX-ATP-Oil-Gas-wells

 see adenosine triphosphate.

 in full adenosine triphosphate

Organic compound, substrate in many enzyme-catalyzed reactions (see catalysis) in the cells of animals, plants, and microorganisms.
 Oil & Gas Announces Successful Completion of

Gulf of Mexico

 Wells At South Marsh 190 and Brazos 544

DATU029 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-MD-Platinum-Networks

(LANHAM) Platinum Networks Attracts Net2000 Co-Founder

DATU057 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-OK-Syntroleum-contrct

(TULSA) Syntroleum, Tessag Sign

 Contract for Sweetwater

Gas-to-Liquids Project; Plant Capacity Increased to 11,500
per Day


LATU051 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-CA-CALC-Report-Ruling


 Reports Favorable Court Ruling Regarding Coastal

Commission's Attempt to Have Case Dismissed

SFTU045 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-CA-Oak-Tech-signal

(SUNNYVALE) Oak Technology Launches PM-44ix High-Performance,

Digital Signal Processor


SFTU064 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-CA-Informatica-Dannon

(PALO ALTO) Informatica Helps Dannon Cultivate Business

Insight Across the Enterprise

SFTU074 09/04/2001 08:30 r f bc-MA-Xchange-financing

(BOSTON) Exchange Applications, Inc. Secures $20.5 Million in

DATU039 09/04/2001 08:31 r f bc-ICAP-joint-ventures


 Takes Control of Spot Foreign Exchange

Businesses in London and New York

DATU006 09/04/2001 08:32 r f bc-TX-Cellstar-convt

(CARROLLTON) CellStar Files Exchange Offer Registration

Statement for Convertible Notes

DATU013 09/04/2001 08:35 r f bc-FL-Whitemark-Homes

(ORLANDO) Whitemark Homes Signs Definitive Agreement to

Acquire Major North Florida Developer

LATU021 09/04/2001 08:35 r f

 Cardiology A WHO initiative–Multinational Monitoring of Trends & Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease–which evaluated the effects of various factors on mortality in Pts MIs
) Lexus Signs Automotive Advertising Deal With

SFTU078 09/04/2001 08:35 r f bc-CA-E*TRADE-launch

(MENLO PARK) E*TRADE Launches New Personal Money Management

Exclusively For Financial Advisors

CHTU008 09/04/2001 08:39 r f bc-NC-Wachovia-Directors

(CHARLOTTE) Wachovia Corporation Announces New Board of Directors;

Board Comprises Nine First Union and Nine Wachovia Directors

DCTU010 09/04/2001 08:41 r f bc-VA-webMethods-DSM


 Selects webMethods to Deliver

Corporate-wide Integration Platform

DETU002 09/04/2001 08:41 r f bc-MI-Compuware-AVVID

(FARMINGTON HILLS) Compuware Joins Cisco

AVVID Architecture for Voice Video and Integrated Data
 Partner Program

FLTU011 09/04/2001 08:42 r f bc-FL-Progress-Telecom

Progress Telecom Expands to The Big Apple; Progress Telecom Builds

Broadband Bridge Between New York and Latin America

NYTU089 09/04/2001 08:42 r f bc-NY-Sentry-Dutch-A&A

(HAUPPAUGE) Dutch A&A Completes Investment in Sentry Technology

CGTU019 09/04/2001 08:45 r f bc-IL-Gardner-Denver-acq

(QUINCY) Gardner Denver Announces Agreement to Acquire Hoffman Air

Filtration Systems

DCTU003 09/04/2001 08:49 r w bc-DC-EFA-FDA-Approval

(WASHINGTON) Foundation Welcomes FDA Approval of Drug for

Severe Epilepsy Syndrome

NETU017 09/04/2001 08:54 r f bc-NH-VNCI-Airforce-CON

Maxwell Air Force Base

“Maxwell Field” redirects here. For other uses, see Maxwell Field (disambiguation).

Maxwell Air Force Base (IATA: MXF, ICAO: KMXF, FAA LID: MXF), officially known as

 Contract For

High-Security Video Communications Network

ATTU002 09/04/2001 08:58 r f bc-GA-E3-Corp.-finalist

(ATLANTA) E3 Corporation Named as Finalist in Retail Excellence

FLTU008 09/04/2001 08:58 r f bc-NV-Viva-Gaming-Mexico

(LAS VEGAS) Viva Gaming & Resorts Construction Nearly Complete

Mexico City; Opening Targeted for September

FLTU004 09/04/2001 08:59 r f bc-FL-Uniroyal-Tech

(SARASOTA) Uniroyal Technology Corporation Accelerates Silicon


 and Device Production

FLTU005 09/04/2001 08:59 r f bc-FL-AutoNation-Orlando

(FORT LAUDERDALE) AutoNation to Launch 'Courtesy' Brand
in Orlando

CA055 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-Precision-present

(CALGARY) Precision Drilling Corporation To Present At Lehman

Brothers CEO Energy Conference In New York

CGTU005 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-IL-United-Airlines

United Airlines Named By Ziff Davis Smart Business As One of The
Top 50

Companies to Successfully Use The Internet to Grow Their Business


011 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-OH-Robbins-Myers-acq

(DAYTON) Robbins & Myers Hosts Conference Call to Discuss

the Romaco Acquisition

NETU020 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-ME-American-Skiing

(NEWRY) American Skiing Company Announces Completion of Financial


NYTU060 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-NY-American-Express

(NEW YORK) American Express and


trademark, Brit a large machine used in building, that has a shovel on the front and a digger arm on the back [initials of Joseph Cyril Bamford, its manufacturer]

® n abbr
 Launch Merchant-Related

Services in Japan and Mexico

NYTU063 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-NJ-Thomson-Bridges

(LAWRENCEVILLE) Peterson's and Bridges Partner to Co-produce

First-Ever E-Guidance Center for U.S. High Schools

NYTU075 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-NY-MONEY-Highlights

(NEW YORK) Highlights of the October Issue of MONEY, on

Newsstands September 4, Include:

NYTU088 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-NY-Anaren-Acq-Amitron

(SYRACUSE) Anaren Acquires Amitron, Inc.

SFTU025 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-WA-Microsoft-Xbox

(REDMOND) Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning Quarterbacks

'NFL Fever 2002' for the Xbox

SFTU041 09/04/2001 09:00 r f bc-CA-Oracle-SantaClara

(REDWOOD SHORES) Oracle Addresses 'The New E-Business
Desktop' at the

Enterprise Web and Portal Conference in Santa Clara

CGTU004 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-IL-AMLI-Dallas-new


 Residential Sells Dallas Community and Uses

Proceeds to Acquire New Dallas Community

HSTU019 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-CA-PriceSmart-sales

(SAN DIEGO) PriceSmart Announces 29% August Sales Increase and

Same-Store Sales Increase of 7.8%

LATU047 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-CA-Unocal-Indonesia

(EL SEGUNDO) Unocal Finds Significant Oil Pay With Indonesia

Exploration Wells; Prepares to Drill Adjacent Prospects

NETU005 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-PA-Acurian-databas

(HORSHAM) Acurian Broadens Offerings for Healthcare Information

Seekers with Launch of Drug Knowledge Center

NYTU031 09/04/2001 09:01 r n bc-NH-Prudential-search

(CONCORD) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for New

Hampshire's Top Youth Volunteers

SFTU039 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-WA-Microsoft-Windows

(REDMOND) Microsoft Announces Release of
Windows XP Embedded

 Beta 2

SFTU050 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-WA-Microsoft-Chyron

(REDMOND) Microsoft and

 Announce New Product to Help

Broadcasters Manage, Deliver Interactive TV Triggers

SFTU053 09/04/2001 09:01 r f bc-CA-Com21-mrkt-share

(MILPITAS) Com21 Gains Market Share in North America

SFTU079 09/04/2001 09:01 r n bc-WA-Boeing-Puget-pres

(SEATTLE) Boeing Reaffirms Presence in Puget Sound Region

DATU048 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-TX-TI-Ericsson

(DALLAS) Ericsson Selects Texas Instruments as Strategic

Technology Supplier Of
Ericsson Mobile Platforms


DCTU011 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-MD-Group-1-New-VP-Mkt

(LANHAM) Group 1 Software Names Ann Jurczyk Vice President -

Marketing, DOC1 Division

MNTU004 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-WI-Ziegler-Envestnet

(MILWAUKEE) Ziegler's

 Unit Merges with Envestnet;

Ziegler to Retain Equity Stake

NYTU020 09/04/2001 09:02 r n bc-ME-Prudential-search

(AUGUSTA) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Maine's Top
Youth Volunteers

NYTU049 09/04/2001 09:02 r n bc-VT-Prudential-search

(MONTPELIER) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Vermont's Top


OT050 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-Zarling-design-librar

(PLYMOUTH) Zarlink Offers Free Design Libraries for

Sophisticated Digital and Mixed-Signal Processes

PHTU008 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-FL-PlanVista-restruct

(TAMPA) PlanVista's Lenders Provide Time To Complete

Restructuring And Equity Raise

PHTU009 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-PA-Arrow-LionHeart

(READING) Arrow International, Inc.

(TM) Update

PHTU011 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-PA-Tollgrade-Etscheid

(PITTSBURGH) Former Ameritech Executive to Accelerate

Tollgrade's Software Development

SFTU008 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-Totality-Hotwire

(SAN FRANCISCO) Hotwire Selects Totality's Managed Services

24x7 Monitoring And Operational Efficiencies

SFTU070 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-InterTrust-10b5-1

(SANTA CLARA) InterTrust Technologies Director Adopts 10b5-1

Trading Plan to Purchase Shares

SFTU082 09/04/2001 09:02 r f bc-CA-Exodus-elect

(SANTA CLARA) Exodus Communications Appoints Board Member L.

Krause as CEO And Chairman of the Board

CGTU014 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-CA-PIC-EC-grant

(BERKELEY) PIC, Research Partners Receive $3.4 Million Grant

for Meat Quality Project

DCTU006 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-DC-Digitek-Sakhr-Expd


 Expands Coverage; Popular OCR Adds

Cyrillic Languages and Turkish

MNTU003 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-NY-MN-US-Bancorp-Pipe

(NEW YORK) U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Fundamental

Ahead for The Mobile Computing and Communications Sector

NETU014 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-MA-IDC-Multiservice

(FRAMINGHAM) IDC Foresees Multiservice Provisioning Platform

Growth Bucking the Trend in Optical Networking

NETU015 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-MA-IDC-Research

(FRAMINGHAM) IDC Research Finds Worldwide Solution Integration

Services Will Be a Hundred- Billion-Dollar Market by 2005

NYTU028 09/04/2001 09:03 r a bc-Prudential-search

(WASHINGTON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Nation's Top


NYTU042 09/04/2001 09:03 r n bc-RI-Prudential-youth

(PROVIDENCE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Rhode

Island's Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU067 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-NJ-Emtec-Board

(FRAMINGHAM) Two Directors Elected to Board of Emtec, Inc.

PHTU010 09/04/2001 09:03 r s bc-PA-Comcast-Sports

(PHILADELPHIA) Comcast and CN8 to Offer Most Extensive High

School Sports Coverage In the Nation

SFTU020 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-CA-Radicati-Wireless

(PALO ALTO) New Radicati Group Study Projects That Wireless

Revenues Will Be Driven Mainly by the Asia/Pacific Region

SFTU044 09/04/2001 09:03 r f bc-WA-Waggener-Edstrom

(BELLEVUE) Waggener Edstrom Is Agency of Record for 26th Annual



Holiday Gala To Benefit the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

DATU042 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-Logica-Americel-SMS

(LONDON) Logica Expands Marketshare in South America With Americel

DATU058 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-NY-PlusFunds-Albourne

(NEW YORK) PlusFunds Forms Strategic Alliance With Albourne Group

HSTU007 09/04/2001 09:04 r v bc-NetMotion-trade-shows

(BOSTON) NetMotion Wireless to Demonstrate Wireless VPN

Software at Trade Shows on Both Coasts

LATU036 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-CA-Prisa-New-Category

(SAN DIEGO) Prisa Networks Pioneers Configuration Management As

a New SAN Management Software Category

LATU037 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-CA-SAN-Valley-Helton

(CAMPBELL) SAN Valley CEO Sandy Helton Featured Speaker at the

First Storage World Conference 2001

LATU044 09/04/2001 09:04 r w bc-DC-Physicans-Committe

(WASHINGTON) School Lunches Fail to Make the Grade, Say Doctors;
Too Much

Fat, Meat, Chicken, Cheese; Virtually No Non-Dairy Alternatives

NYTU022 09/04/2001 09:04 r n bc-MA-Prudential-search

(BOSTON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Massachusetts'

Top Youth Volunteers

SFTU049 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-CA-Ligos-MPEG

(SAN FRANCISCO) Ligos Corporation Announces New MPEG-4 Technologies

SFTU058 09/04/2001 09:04 r v bc-eBay-Univ-Oklahoma

(BERKELEY) eBay Brings Popular Roving University to Oklahoma City


SFTU060 09/04/2001 09:04 r v bc-Robotics-Tourn

(SAN DIEGO) Media Advisory: Private-Public Coalition Launches

First Oregon Robotics Tournament

SFTU061 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-OR-Robotics-Tournamen

(PORTLAND) Private-Public Coalition Launches First Oregon Robotics


SFTU081 09/04/2001 09:04 r f bc-CA-Infravio-elect

(REDWOOD CITY) Infravio Hires Software Engineering Executive

CLTU002 09/04/2001 09:05 r f bc-OH-Eureka!Ranch

(CINCINNATI) Eureka! Ranch: Odds Are Better with Slot Machines

(32%) than New Business Startups (10 to 25% odds)

DATU073 09/04/2001 09:05 r f bc-GA-Speer-Assoc-study

(ATLANTA) Speer & Associates, Inc. Releases Study on the

Evolving Risks in Financial Services

HSTU012 09/04/2001 09:05 r f bc-OK-WCG-audioNet

(TULSA) Williams Communications Continues Electronic Advertisement

Distribution Success, Launches Internet-Based Distribution Service

MXTU099 09/04/2001 09:05 r f bc-NSHMBA-Conference

(HARTFORD) National Society of Hispanic MBAs to Hold

Hispanic Heritage Month Conference

NYTU007 09/04/2001 09:05 r n bc-CT-Prudential-Awards

(HARTFORD) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for

Connecticut's Top Youth Volunteers

ATTU007 09/04/2001 09:06 r f bc-GA-Morris-Manning

(ATLANTA) Real Estate & Lending Technology Group Established

By Morris, Manning & Martin,


DATU022 09/04/2001 09:06 r f bc-PA-printCafe-beta

(PITTSBURGH) printCafe Introduces PrintFlow Beta; New Advanced

Scheduling and Production Management Software

DCTU002 09/04/2001 09:06 r f bc-VA-NameTree-Lync-pdt

(FAIRFAX) NameTree: Functionality of Domain Names Enhanced

For the First Time Since 1990

NYTU032 09/04/2001 09:06 r n bc-NJ-Prudential-winners

(TRENTON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for New Jersey's Top


PHTU003 09/04/2001 09:06 r f bc-PA-PHLX-new-options

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

 to Begin Trading Eight


NYTU034 09/04/2001 09:07 r n bc-NY-Prudential-winners

(ALBANY) Seventh Annual Search Under Way For New York's Top


PHTU005 09/04/2001 09:07 r f bc-PA-PSE-New-Options

(PHILADELPHIA) Philadelphia Stock Exchange to Begin Trading 6 New

DATU049 09/04/2001 09:08 r f bc-CA-Stratecast-Frost

(SAN JOSE) Stratecast Partners Completes View of Mobility in

the Mainstream Of Convergence

FLTU010 09/04/2001 09:08 r f bc-Fl-Maritime-Telecom

(MIRAMAR) Maritime Telecommunications Network to be the

Bandwidth Provider for Seis Pros International

NYTU040 09/04/2001 09:08 r n bc-PA-Prudential-winners

(HARRISBURG) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for

Pennsylvania's Top Youth Volunteers

DATU041 09/04/2001 09:09 r f bc-MA-Access-CrdioSystms

(STOCKHOLM) Access CardioSystems Makes Worldwide Debut With

the Introduction Of AccessAED(TM)

NYTU009 09/04/2001 09:09 r n bc-DE-Prudential-Awards

(DOVER) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Delaware's Top


CGTU002 09/04/2001 09:10 r l bc-AL-Acad-Gen-Dentists

(HUNTSVILLE) Dental Dilemma Day

CGTU016 09/04/2001 09:10 r f bc-MO-Engineered-Support

(ST. LOUIS) Engineered Support Receives $3.5 Million Generator Set

from U.S. Army

LATU055 09/04/2001 09:10 r f bc-CA-HEPH-Appts-Directr

(SAN DIEGO) Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals Appoints Director of

Tumor and Vaccine Immunology

NYTU021 09/04/2001 09:10 r n bc-MD-Prudential-search

(ANNAPOLIS) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Maryland's Top


NYTU008 09/04/2001 09:11 r n bc-DC-Prudential-awards

(WASHINGTON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for the District

of Columbia's Top Youth Volunteers

CHTU010 09/04/2001 09:12 r f bc-NC-VA-Piedmont-Domini

(RICHMOND) Piedmont Natural Gas Joins Dominion in
 see smilax.

CHTU011 09/04/2001 09:12 r f bc-SC-Sonoco-China

(HARTSVILLE) Sonoco to Expand China Operations

DCTU012 09/04/2001 09:13 r w bc-VA-PCMA-Kondracke

(ARLINGTON) Roll Call's Morton Kondracke to Deliver Keynote

At PCMA's Annual Membership Meeting and Conference

NYTU052 09/04/2001 09:13 r n bc-WVa-Top-Volunteers

(CHARLESTON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for West

Virginia's Top Youth Volunteers

NETU022 09/04/2001 09:14 r f bc-MA-McGraw-Hill-AICC

(LEXINGTON) Top Training Organization Certifies McGraw-Hill

Lifetime Learning Courseware

NYTU048 09/04/2001 09:14 r n bc-VA-Prudential-search

(RICHMOND) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Virginia's Top


NYTU035 09/04/2001 09:15 r n bc-NC-Prudential-Awards

(RALEIGH) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for North

Carolina's Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU090 09/04/2001 09:15 r f bc-NY-CompAssoc-CRN-Test

(ISLANDIA) Computer Associates InoculateIT Selected as

Editor's Choice by the
 Test Center

SFTU054 09/04/2001 09:15 r f bc-CA-ipVerse-Cisco

(SAN JOSE) ipVerse Extends Support for Cisco's New Universal

NYTU043 09/04/2001 09:16 r n bc-SC-Youth-Volunteer

(COLUMBIA) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for South

Carolina's Top Youth Volunteers

NETU023 09/04/2001 09:17 r f bc-CA-Internet-Home

(SAN RAMON) Internet Home Alliance to Reach Millions of Viewers

Through Initiative with Bob Vila

NYTU018 09/04/2001 09:17 r n bc-KY-Prudential-search

(FRANKFORT) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Kentucky's Top


NETU019 09/04/2001 09:18 r f bc-Strategy-Analytics

(LONDON) Strategy Analytics: Future Dynamics of the Gallium

Arsenide Industry -- Evolution or Eradication?

NYTU011 09/04/2001 09:18 r n bc-GA-Prudential-winners

(ATLANTA) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Georgia's Top


NYTU015 09/04/2001 09:18 r n bc-IN-Prudential-winners

(INDIANAPOLIS) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for

Indiana's Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU093 09/04/2001 09:18 r v bc-Lifecore-Biomedical

Food and Drug Administration Findings Challenged in Historic

First Use Of Dispute Resolution Panel

NYTU045 09/04/2001 09:19 r n bc-TN-Prudential-search

(NASHVILLE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Tennessee's

Top Youth Volunteers

CHTU009 09/04/2001 09:20 r f bc-NC-Family-Dollar-strs

(MATTHEWS) Family Dollar Reports Store Openings for August 2001

NYTU010 09/04/2001 09:20 r n bc-FL-Prudential-search

(TALLAHASSEE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Florida's

Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU094 09/04/2001 09:21 r f bc-NJ-Cherenson-Group

(LIVINGSTON) Reputation Is More Important Than a Higher

Salary According to New Research

NETU024 09/04/2001 09:22 r f bc-CT-Intl.-Fuel

(SOUTH WINDSOR) IFC's Sale Of PC25(TM) Power Plant To Woking,

England, Gives United Kingdom Its First Fuel Cell

NYTU025 09/04/2001 09:22 r n bc-MS-Prudential-search

(JACKSON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Mississippi's

Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU096 09/04/2001 09:22 r f bc-NY-Amex-Dr-Reddy's

(NEW YORK) Amex to Trade Options on
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories


NYTU019 09/04/2001 09:23 r n bc-LA-Prudential-search

(BATON ROUGE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for

Louisiana's Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU014 09/04/2001 09:24 r n bc-IL-Prudential-winners

(SPRINGFIELD) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Illinois'

Top Youth Volunteers

CGTU022 09/04/2001 09:25 r f bc-IN-ClearLearning-new

(BATTLE GROUND) ClearLearning Releases Test Pilot Enterprise - Most

Powerful Commercially Available Online Assessment and Survey Tool

NYTU026 09/04/2001 09:25 r n bc-MO-Prudential-search

(JEFFERSON CITY) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for

Missouri's Top Youth Volunteers

CGTU021 09/04/2001 09:26 r f bc-FL-Method-Product-acq

(POMPANO BEACH) Method Products Corp. Announces Acquisition

of Ameritrend Corporation

NYTU016 09/04/2001 09:26 r n bc-IA-Prudential-winners

(DES MOINES) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Iowa's Top


NYTU024 09/04/2001 09:27 r n bc-MN-Prudential-search

(ST. PAUL) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Minnesota's Top


LATU034 09/04/2001 09:28 r f bc-CO-eSoft-Stock-Prog.

(BROOMFIELD) eSoft Authorizes Common Stock Repurchase Program

NYTU036 09/04/2001 09:28 r n bc-ND-Prudential-Awards

(BISMARCK) Seventh Annual Search Under Way For North

Dakota's Top Youth Volunteers

NETU025 09/04/2001 09:29 r f bc-CT-NU-New-CL&P-Pres

(BERLIN) Operational Strength and Integrity: NU Names New CL&P

NYTU037 09/04/2001 09:29 r n bc-OH-Prudential-Awards

(COLUMBUS) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Ohio's Top
Youth Volunteers

NYTU044 09/04/2001 09:29 r n bc-SD-Youth-Volunteers

(PIERRE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for South Dakota's

Top Youth Volunteers

LATU053 09/04/2001 09:30 r f bc-CA-DataLogic-Intl-Web

(GARDEN GROVE) DataLogic International Schedules to Unveil New

NYTU023 09/04/2001 09:30 r n bc-MI-Prudential-search

(LANSING) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Michigan's Top


NYTU029 09/04/2001 09:30 r n bc-NE-Prudential-search

(LINCOLN) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Nebraska's Top


SFTU048 09/04/2001 09:30 r v bc-OH-Apple-Store

(LINCOLN) Apple Opens Retail Store in Columbus

SFTU073 09/04/2001 09:30 r f bc-LML-JH-Harvery-Grocer

(VANCOUVER) J.H. Harvey Grocery Store Chain Selects


SFTU080 09/04/2001 09:30 r f bc-OR-Tektronix-new-pack

(BEAVERTON) Tektronix Enables Itanium Server Development With

New Logic Analyzer Support Package

VA246 09/04/2001 09:30 r f bc-IDB-Applied-Biosystem


1. Of or relating to biomedicine.

2. Of, relating to, or involving biological, medical, and physical sciences.
 announces maintenance of agreement

with Applied Biosystems

DATU010 09/04/2001 09:31 r f bc-NY-TurboChef-Subway

(NEW YORK) Subway and TurboChef Roll-Out Pilot Test Program in US
& Puerto


HSTU005 09/04/2001 09:31 r f bc-CA-Hilton-Update

(BAKERSFIELD) Hilton Petroleum Ltd. Drilling Update

HSTU023 09/04/2001 09:31 r f bc-Dream-Access-ACD-Sys

(VICTORIA) Dream Access Licenses ACD's SendPix(TM) Server

HSTU029 09/04/2001 09:31 r f bc-PA-BTG-patent-photonc

(WEST CONSHOHOCKEN) US Patent Office Allows
 Target Generator
BTG Bridging the Gap
BTG British Technology Group
BtG Betreuungsgesetz
BTG Biomass Technology Group BV
BTG Begbies Traynor Group
 Patent On Key

Photonic Telecommunications Technology

NYTU017 09/04/2001 09:31 r n bc-KS-Prudential-search

(TOPEKA) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Kansas' Top Youth

NYTU064 09/04/2001 09:31 r e bc-FL-Palm-Beach-Instit

(LAKE WORTH) Brooklyn's Red-Hot Art Scene Migrates, En Masse,

to Museum in Sunny Florida

PHTU001 09/04/2001 09:31 r f bc-BTG-Genentech

(LONDON) BTG Acquires Innovative Compounds For Use In

Treating Cardiac And Renal Disease

SFTU003 09/04/2001 09:31 r l bc-CA-Charles-Schwab

(SAN MATEO) Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation Formed From Merger

Schwab Foundation For Learning and Schwab Family Foundation

ATTU008 09/04/2001 09:32 r f bc-GA-CytRx-Corp-studies

(ATLANTA) CytRx Announces Results of Preclinical Studies of
CRL-5861 in


CLTU004 09/04/2001 09:32 r f bc-OH-Timken-components

(CANTON) Timken Expands Line of Heavy Duty Components

NYTU038 09/04/2001 09:32 r n bc-OK-Prudential-winners

(OKLAHOMA CITY) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for

Oklahoma's Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU046 09/04/2001 09:32 r n bc-TX-Prudential-search

(AUSTIN) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Texas' Top Youth

NYTU051 09/04/2001 09:32 r n bc-WI-Prudential-youth

(MADISON) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Wisconsin's Top


NYTU033 09/04/2001 09:33 r n bc-NM-Prudential-winners

(SANTA FE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for New Mexico's

Top Youth Volunteers

NYTU092 09/04/2001 09:33 r f bc-NJ-Janssen-Pharma-FDA

(TITUSVILLE) New Drug Application for First Injectable,

Long-Acting Atypical Antipsychotic Submitted to FDA

SFTU083 09/04/2001 09:33 r f bc-Optibase-staff

(HERZLIYA) Optibase Ltd. Announces Change in Management

NYTU003 09/04/2001 09:34 r n bc-AZ-Prudential-search

(PHOENIX) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Arizona's Top


NYTU047 09/04/2001 09:35 r n bc-UT-Prudential-search

(SALT LAKE CITY) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Utah's

Top Youth Volunteers

NYSP004 09/04/2001 09:36 r f bc-S&P-GIFT-rating

(MELBOURNE) S&P Rates GIFT Series 2 Australian Asset-Backed CP

CHTU014 09/04/2001 09:37 r f bc-NC-Bank-Asheville-rtg

(ASHEVILLE) Bank of Asheville Receives Four-Star Rating

NYTU053 09/04/2001 09:37 r n bc-WY-Prudential-search

(CHEYENNE) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Wyoming's Top


NYTU027 09/04/2001 09:38 r n bc-MT-Prudential-search

(HELENA) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Montana's Top


NYTU091 09/04/2001 09:38 r f bc-PA-Stonepath-Air-Plus

(PHILADELPHIA) Stonepath Group to Acquire Logistics Specialist Air


NYTU006 09/04/2001 09:39 r n bc-CO-Prudential-awards

(DENVER) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Colorado's Top


NYTU030 09/04/2001 09:40 r n bc-NV-Prudential-search

(CARSON CITY) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Nevada's Top


NYTU097 09/04/2001 09:40 r f bc-Havas-JPMorgan-Tempus

(LEVALLOIS) Cash Offer by JP Morgan on Behalf of Havas

Advertising for Tempus Group PLC

NYTU050 09/04/2001 09:41 r n bc-WA-Prudential-search

(OLYMPIA) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Washington's Top


NYTU039 09/04/2001 09:42 r n bc-OR-Prudential-winners

(SALEM) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Oregon's Top Youth

DCTU017 09/04/2001 09:43 r f bc-DC-Nasdaq-Halt-NTESE

(WASHINGTON) Nasdaq Halts Trading of, Inc. And

Requests Additional Information from Company

PHTU012 09/04/2001 09:43 r f bc-PA-FrontLine-Data

(MALVERN) It's No Fable: World's First Internet
Substitute Teacher

Calling System,
 , legendary Greek fabulist. According to Herodotus, he was a slave who lived in Samos in the 6th cent. B.C. and eventually was freed by his master.
, Finds a Teacher for Every Classroom This

CHTU013 09/04/2001 09:44 r f bc-SC-PHP-Recognized


 Recognized for Quality Improvement Initiative

NYTU095 09/04/2001 09:44 r f bc-PA-Stonepath-Call

(PHILADELPHIA) Stonepath Group to Review Air Plus Agreement;

Hosts Live Conference Call Wednesday, Sept. 5

DATU035 09/04/2001 09:45 r a bc-DC-American-Values

(WASHINGTON) Pro-Life Americans Expect Politicians to Help Shake

Nation Back to Life, And Supreme Court Good Place to Start, Bauer

DETU003 09/04/2001 09:45 r n bc-MI-Colonial-Harvest

(MACKINAW CITY) Smell the Apple Butter and Smoked Fish of Colonial

Michilimackinac Harvest Celebrations on Sept. 22 and 23

NETU026 09/04/2001 09:45 r f bc-CA-NeoTherapeutics

(IRVINE) NeoTherapeutics Announces Complete Elimination of All

Convertible and Reset Financings

NYTU002 09/04/2001 09:45 r n bc-AK-Prudential-search

(JUNEAU) Seventh Annual Search Under Way for Alaska's Top
Youth Volunteers

MNTU006 09/04/2001 09:47 r f bc-MN-ATK-Rocket-Support


 Rocket Motor Supports Successful Flight Test

of Missile Defense Prototype Interceptor

CHTU002 09/04/2001 09:48 r f bc-NC-BBT-Top-Lender

BB&T Ranked Top Small Business

 Lender in North Carolina

CHTU004 09/04/2001 09:49 r f bc-WV-BBT-High-School

(CHARLESTON) BB&T to Sponsor Financial Education Program for

West Virginia High School Students

DETU004 09/04/2001 09:49 r n bc-MI-Fort-Mackinac-evnt

(MACKINAC ISLAND) Civil War Soldiers Set to Invade Fort Mackinac
Sept. 8-9

NYTU098 09/04/2001 09:50 r f bc-Asprey-Garrard-Riches

(LONDON) Hidden Riches at Asprey & Garrard

DCTU013 09/04/2001 09:52 r f bc-NJ-Village-Viasystems

(EATONTOWN) Village Networks and Viasystems Announce Agreement for

the Manufacture of Village Networks' iOPN2000

DCTU014 09/04/2001 09:52 r f bc-NJ-Village-top-tech

(EATONTOWN) Village Networks Named One of Top 'Up and

Technology Companies By Communication Systems Design

MNTU005 09/04/2001 09:52 r f bc-MN-Four51-Drew-&-Rog

(MINNEAPOLIS) Drew & Rogers Adopts Four51 Enterprise-Wide

CLTU006 09/04/2001 09:53 r f bc-OH-Kroger-relief-prog

(CINCINNATI) Kroger Leads Effort to Feed the Hungry By Expanding

Partnership with America's Second Harvest

CHTU016 09/04/2001 09:54 r v bc-NC-Wachovia-ATM-Fee

(CHARLOTTE) First Union and Wachovia Waive ATM Fees for Customers

Nearly 5,000 ATM Locations

DATU052 09/04/2001 09:55 r f bc-TX-Cooper-Cameron

(HOUSTON) Cooper Cameron Division Awarded $100 Million

Contract for Subsea Systems

NYTU099 09/04/2001 09:56 r f bc-NY-Weiss-Peck-Greer

(NEW YORK) Weiss, Peck & Greer Names New Head For Equity Group;

Brown Brothers Harriman Managing Director to Join WPG's
Management Team

CGTU024 09/04/2001 09:57 r f bc-KS-Spirent-teams-USAF

(WICHITA) Spirent Systems Teams With USAF on Military Flight

Operations Quality Assurance (
) Program

NYTU101 09/04/2001 09:58 r f bc-NJ-Dishwasher-Magic

(WYCKOFF) DISHWASHER MAGIC(R) Cleans Up Paradise; Picture Perfect

Island Now Has Picture Perfect Dishwashers

NYSP005 09/04/2001 09:59 r f bc-SP-Raises-Warta

(LONDON) S&P Raises Polish Insurer Warta to Investment Grade

CGTU013 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-TX-Allen-Telecom

 , abbr. dB, unit used to measure the loudness of sound. It is one tenth of a bel (named for A. G. Bell), but the larger unit is rarely used.

For Its Smart Antennas

CHTU012 09/04/2001 10:00 r n bc-NC-ElectriCities


1 Announces Two Requests for Proposals

CLTU008 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-OH-OEConnection-Isuzu

(RICHFIELD) Isuzu Joins OEConnection Online Parts Venture

HSTU010 09/04/2001 10:00 r e bc-NV-IVY-SUPERSONIC

(LAS VEGAS) Hats Designed by IVY SUPERSONIC Worn by Tommy Lee

& Mayte at Mammoth

LATU038 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-CO-dbDoctor-Launches

(ENGLEWOOD) dbDoctor Launches New 2nd Generation 'Health Watch

Oracle' Database Monitoring and Assessment Service

NYTU057 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-NJ-Pharmacy-Therpeutc

Pharmacy and Therapeutics

 Society Increases

Membership Roles to Over 1,200

SFTU018 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-CA-BioSpace-Acurain

(SAN FRANCISCO) BioSpace Announces Strategic Alliance With Acurian

SFTU019 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-CA-Cheskin-study

(REDWOOD SHORES) Study Highlights Eight Trends Defining the Future


SFTU066 09/04/2001 10:00 r f bc-CA-NationalSemiCon

(SANTA CLARA) National Semiconductor Helps OEMs Bring Windows XP

Embedded Information Appliances to Market

TO235 09/04/2001 10:00 r e bc-JohnLennon-tribute-CD

(TORONTO) New John Lennon tribute CD released

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