Magnifying Glass

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hands free soldering stand solder magnifier glass magnifying holder holding jig
Shop Project Electrical Utility Light Magnifying Glass
shop project electrical utility light magnifying glass
Project Pro 3 pc Magnifying Glass Set 2Pack
project pro 3 pc magnifying glass set 2pack
third hand clamp helping magnifying jeweler glass loupe
ULLMAN Telescoping Magnifying GlassLED MG 2LT
ullman telescoping magnifying glassled mg 2lt
ULLMAN Glass Inspection MirrorTelescopingRound HTC 2
ullman glass inspection mirrortelescopinground htc 2
285943 00 Magnifying Glass Assembly
285943 00 magnifying glass assembly
MAYHEW Glass Telescoping Magnifying Mirror 17770
mayhew glass telescoping magnifying mirror 17770
Dazor 8MC 300 Circline IV 42 Magnifier
dazor 8mc 300 circline iv 42 magnifier
Desktop Magnifying Lamp Thunderbolt Magnum hand tools Clamps
desktop magnifying lamp thunderbolt magnum hand tools clamps

vintage carl zeiss jena binocular magnifying glasseshead magnifier kopflupe
Skysea Color 35X Dental Surgical Medical Binocular Loupes Glasses Magnifier RED
skysea color 35x dental surgical medical binocular loupes glasses magnifier red
magnifying glass 30 LED SMD 5W with Clip and neck Flexible In
magnifying glass 30 led smd 5w with clip and neck flexible in
ESCHENBACH portable magnifying glass easy pocket ratio of 3 LED light with silve
eschenbach portable magnifying glass easy pocket ratio of 3 led light with silve
Vintage CARL ZEISS JENA 6 dpt Stand Magnifier Loupe Magnifying Glass 4
vintage carl zeiss jena 6 dpt stand magnifier loupe magnifying glass 4
Camera electronic stereo Magnifier led 50X to 500X Magnifying Glass Glasses Desk
camera electronic stereo magnifier led 50x to 500x magnifying glass glasses desk
Apex Bifocal Safety Glasses UV400 Magnifying Reading Eyewear 150 Magnifier Smok
apex bifocal safety glasses uv400 magnifying reading eyewear 150 magnifier smok
NIB Kate Spade New York Question Mark Magnifying Glass 4999 + Free Shipping
nib kate spade new york question mark magnifying glass 4999 + free shipping
Headband Style 35X R Surgical Medical Dental Loupes Glasses Magnifier comfort
headband style 35x r surgical medical dental loupes glasses magnifier comfort
Dental Surgical Medical Binocular Loupes 35x R Surgery Optical Glass Magnifying
dental surgical medical binocular loupes 35x r surgery optical glass magnifying
35X 420MM Dental Binocular Loupes Magnifier Lens Glasses Surgical with Case USA
35x 420mm dental binocular loupes magnifier lens glasses surgical with case usa
1035X420mm Surgical Medical Binocular Magnifier Loupes Optical Glasses S SILVE
1035x420mm surgical medical binocular magnifier loupes optical glasses s silve
Dental Glasses Binocular Loupes Magnifying 35 lens+ LED Battery Head Light Lamp
dental glasses binocular loupes magnifying 35 lens+ led battery head light lamp
Sywon Soldering Stations 60W ESD Iron Kit With Helping Hand Magnifying Glass
sywon soldering stations 60w esd iron kit with helping hand magnifying glass
Cameron Surgical Specialty Company Medical Loupe Magnifying Glasses Vintage
cameron surgical specialty company medical loupe magnifying glasses vintage
USA Dental Optical Surgical Binocular 35X Loupes Glasses Magnifier Red Color
usa dental optical surgical binocular 35x loupes glasses magnifier red color
Sywon 60W ESD Soldering Iron Station Kit with Helping Hand Magnifying Glass S
sywon 60w esd soldering iron station kit with helping hand magnifying glass s
1 Pc Dental Medical Binocular Surgical 35X Glasses Loupes Magnifier Clip Mobile
1 pc dental medical binocular surgical 35x glasses loupes magnifier clip mobile
BMBZON Headband Magnifier LED Head Magnifing Glasses Bracket 5 Replaceable Lense
bmbzon headband magnifier led head magnifing glasses bracket 5 replaceable lense
2 Set 2018 Dental Optical Surgical Binocular 35X Loupes Glasses Magnifier
2 set 2018 dental optical surgical binocular 35x loupes glasses magnifier
Dentist Dental 35 X R Surgical Binocular Loupes Magnifier Glasses Blue
dentist dental 35 x r surgical binocular loupes magnifier glasses blue
Dentist Loupes Dental Magnifier Surgical Binocular Glass Head Light Led Medical
dentist loupes dental magnifier surgical binocular glass head light led medical
LObjet Crocodile Magnifying Glass Gold Pre owned Gift Quality No Box
lobjet crocodile magnifying glass gold pre owned gift quality no box
35X Loupes Surgical Medical Binocular Optical Glass Dentist Magnifier Blue K S
35x loupes surgical medical binocular optical glass dentist magnifier blue k s
New Dental 35X 420 Surgical Binocular Loupes Optical Magnifier Glasses Red CJA
new dental 35x 420 surgical binocular loupes optical magnifier glasses red cja
USA Dental 35X Binocular Loupes Magnifier Glasses LED Head Light Lamp Dr SAD
usa dental 35x binocular loupes magnifier glasses led head light lamp dr sad
5pcs Dental Optical Surgical Binocular 35X Loupes Glasses Magnifier Silver Best
5pcs dental optical surgical binocular 35x loupes glasses magnifier silver best
10PC Dental Optical Surgical Binocular 35X Loupes Magnifier Glasses Silver Best
10pc dental optical surgical binocular 35x loupes magnifier glasses silver best

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Magnifying Glass

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A magnifying glass is made of convex lens that makes the object appear magnified or bigger. It is usually mounted in a plastic frame or in case of jeweler magnifying glass; it is mounted in a metal frame that usually in color gold, silver and bronze. The magnifying effect of the magnifying glass depends to the distance of the object that being magnified and the eye of the user.


The jeweler magnifying glass is one of the most important tools in jewelry business.  It is easy to control when checking the jewelries because it is handy. A 10 times magnification range is needed in jewelry examination. Some jewelry magnifying glasses comes in set, that vary the strength of magnifying. 


The magnifying glass that used by jeweler is needed to be small if the jewelry is small too. The size of the jeweler magnifying glass should depend of the size of the jewelry to be able to see in higher magnification. It is very important to know how much magnification you need to determine the quality of the jewelry.


There are two types of lens used in a magnifying glass. First is the glass type, it is much heavier but more fragile. The second is the acrylic type it is more scratch resistant. The magnification of the two types is the same.


Here are some of useful tips when using jeweler magnifying glass:


  • To keep the jeweler magnifying glass loupe steady, put one finger into the opening of the loupe.
  • Put the loupe right to your eye; steady the position using your cheek.
  • Bring up the jewelry to examine, use your forefinger and your thumb until you can see it through the lens until it is focus enough for you to see it clearly.


There are couples of types of lenses.

I can be double, triple and quadruple. When use together as single lens they appear to be much clearer. The higher the lens quality is made; it will reduce the distortion and abnormalities of the look of the jewelry. The color correction made on the lenses is applies simply for the image appear as if you are viewing the jewelry on a natural light.


In grading precious stones like diamonds, a jeweler magnifying glass with 10 times magnification is required. You can't see the stones flaw if you are just using a regular magnifying glass. A magnifying glass with 10 times triple lens is a conventional jeweler magnifying glass.


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