Pillar Post

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AmScope TS110L Microscope Table Stand with Butterfly Base and Long Pillar Post
amscope ts110l microscope table stand with butterfly base and long pillar post
Ligman Lighting 24 Bamboo Bollard U10571 Cylindrical Black Pillar Light Post
ligman lighting 24 bamboo bollard u10571 cylindrical black pillar light post
ThorLabs 250 mm Pillar Post Extension Length300 mm RS300 M
thorlabs 250 mm pillar post extension length300 mm rs300 m
Fletcher Terry pillar post P115 100
fletcher terry pillar post p115 100

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Pillar Post

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Aztec Camera - Pillar to Post

Waste of energy; RecordView.

THE way the UK Government's energy portfolio is batted
pillar to post

a. A slender, freestanding, vertical support; a column.

b. Such a structure or one similar to it used for decoration.

 is inexcusable, given that the oil and gas sector are so
important to the economy.

We are on the third energy minister since the Coalition came to
power and the 14th minister to hold the post in 16 years.

Now come revelations that the chaotic Department for Energy and
Climate Change are spending PS1million on bonuses and PS7million on


 packages for top staff. The lower ranks have to make do with
PS500,000 in redundancy payments.

All this points to a department adrift, wasting money and wasting

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