Small Farming Equipment

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Bank of America Small Business Loans Programs

Every established business owner or a starting entrepreneur should understand and accept that a business loan is one financial tool their business can't live without. Purchases, takeovers, emergencies and contingencies in the business do happens and not all of the time you have liquid funds in the bank to get the transaction rolling.

If you ever need to a business loan, it is imperative that you work with a reliable bank or lending firm to really get the best deal out there. Bank of America is one of those solid financial institutions with a proven track record when it comes to lending and financing options. Bank of America Small Business Loans are designed to provide you with a variety of funding options that will help you finance your business and help you achieve your corporate goals.

If you require a vehicle for your business, whether a delivery van or a home service pickup truck, Bank of America offers vehicle loans for such purposes. The good thing about the institution's vehicle loans is that you can borrow 100% of the total amount of the vehicle you want to purchase, whether brand new or used, as long as the vehicle weighs less than 2.5 tons. The term is available up to six years and the interest rates are reasonably competitive as well.

For heavier vehicles, heavy equipment, and machinery, Bank of America also provides equipment financing programs. Like the bank's vehicle loans options, you can also borrow 100% of the total cost of the equipment you require for you business. This particular financing initiative applies to heavy-duty trucks (2.5 tons or more), computers, printing and manufacturing equipment, and aircraft to mention a few.

For established businesses (2 years and longer) with needs to purchase or lease real estate properties, buildings and facilities, Bank of America provides commercial real estate loans. This loan program features a 20-year payment plan, with loan amounts starting from $25,000. Borrowers can apply up to 85% of the total amount, including fees involved in the processing.

Bank of America small business loans programs also have funding initiatives dedicated to businesses and enterprises that are agricultural in nature. Proceeds of the agriculture loans can be used to purchase farming equipment, agricultural real estate, livestock for breeding, and construction of agricultural buildings and facilities. The bank's agricultural loans feature flexible payment scheme up to seven years and boasts of an agricultural lending team who are ready to help.

To know more about Bank of America's small business loans, you can get in touch with a Bank of America branch near you.

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Small Farming Equipment

See More About:    Small Farming Equipment        
Equipment for Small Farms for Vegetable Producers, Self Reliance or Sustainable Agriculture

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I am going to work in south dakota, can I get my drivers license there?

I am 14 and going to work in south dakota for a few months. (i live in washington) In south dakota you can get your drivers license at 14, so when I go there for work can I get a south dakota drivers license? And if i do when I come home can i drive, even though washingtons driving age is 16?

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i used to live in south dakota and i believe you dont have this may get your license at 14 but that is only because many kids your age live on a farm there and it is required to operate small farm equipment...riding lawn mowers , tractors etc.. and also it would not be a full permit ...rather a learners permit......otherwise i believe the driving age is 16 like everywhere else

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